You Need Professional Water Damage Restoration In New Hampshire

By Timothy Robbins

Water damage is as common in New Hampshire as it is devastating, which makes some individuals fail to comprehend the potential gravity of the situation. Property owners often do not take seriously the harm done when structures, fixtures, and contents saturate with moisture. Mopping up puddles and leaving furnishings and floor coverings to “air out” without expert assistance and proper monitoring threaten to cause permanent and dangerous deterioration of building materials and belongings. An experienced team of certified water damage abatement specialists has the equipment and training to ensure the destruction is abated.

The source of the water soaking into studs and supporting walls, hardwood floors, and upholstery matters a great deal when managing damage. Relatively clean water from fresh water pipes poses little risk of secondary damage if immediate and thorough extraction precedes focused drying with industrial strength air movers and dehumidifiers.

Water overflowing from appliances like dishwashers or leaking from a crack in an aquarium contains additives that taint the water — examples are soap, food debris, and chemicals. Water damage remediation companies consider this type of water to be gray, encouraging accelerated microbial growth and requiring swift removal. Surfaces and articles immersed in this class of water need treatment with appropriate professional disinfectants before drying.

Black water has the potential to endanger health and cause fast deterioration of structure and contents. Sewer backups, overflowing toilets, and waters from flooded waterways or heavy storm runoff that spread over pavement and ground surrounding a building contains high levels of contaminants. Fecal matter, dead animals, insecticides and pesticides, and bloodborne pathogens are just some of the harmful substances perhaps moving through your home when black water invades.

Licensed and IICRC certified technicians working for a reputable New Hampshire disaster restoration company are the key to recovering from the devastation of severely contaminated water. The water must be discarded according to local hazardous waste codes. Proven sanitization procedures with efficient and appropriately matched antimicrobials must be followed to ensure the current and future safety of individuals living and working in an affected building.

All types of water damage call for precise measurements by workers familiar with gauging moisture levels to determine drying targets. Monitoring the process to achieve the goals is critical and must be done by highly qualified technicians. Lingering moisture jeopardizes building integrity and creates concern about the health of inhabitants as mold growth can arise within 24 to 48 hours of initial water damage.

No matter how diligent the average property owner tries to be, water damage restoration is a job for a reputable cleanup and recovery company. Let the experts lend a hand and rely on their commitment to best practices when restoring your New Hampshire property to pre-loss condition.


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